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Walking to Cala Luna

Tags: Cala Luna, Walking, Supramonte, Dorgali


Excursion Categories: Walking

Region: Barbagia, Supramonte

The walk to Cala Luna starts high up overlooking the sea, over old tracks made for charcoal transport and used by generations of shepherds. The walking track takes us down through a narrow forested canyon. The canyon is at times quite stoney and offers splendid views of the rugged Supramonte mountains. Occasionally we can encounter some goats, pigs or even a mufflone or a bird of prey.

After about an hour and a half we will reach the dry riverbed of the Codula di Luna river. This riverbed carries water only in wintertime. After another half hour of walking we'll arrive at the beautiful beach of Cala Luna.

At the beach there is time for a lunch and a swim, after which you'll be picked up by a rubber dinghy that will take you along more beautiful beaches, sea caves and steep walls to the harbour of Cala Gonone.

After about 25 minutes in the dinghy you'll reach Cala Gonone where there is time for a coffee. In the meantime your guide has brought the car to the harbour to bring you back to the departure point.

Altitude difference: 400 meters down

Hiking time: 2 to 3 hours, depending on the track we take

Included: transport by Land rover, transport by boat and guide (english speaking)

Take with you: sufficient water, good shoes, lunch, swimming stuff

Departure: Dorgali, Cala Gonone, Orosei, Oliena, Su Gologone

Price starting from Dorgali or Cala Gonone: € 50,00 per person

Instead of just the transfer by rubber dinghy, for an extra it's possible to do a mini-cruise.