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Why get a Private Tourist Guide on Sardinia?

Because some things are just hard to do on your own. 

The added value of a private guide:

  • With a guide you don't have to drive yourself,
  • you get where you want to go, without wasting time,
  • visit what you came for,
  • language barriers don't exist anymore,
  • so you get the right information,
  • and learn some funny anecdotes on the way,
  • without having to read 5 travel guides before you have an idea what's going on!

to name just a few ;)

Guided walking Excursions

In Sardinia interesting stuff and hiking tracks are often poorly marked. Good preparation (map, description) and orientation skills are fundamental if you want to go for a walk independently. Sardinia is sparsely inhabited, and getting lost in the mountains, is not very funny. Hiring a guide is a guarantee for the succeeding of your tour.

Tour Sardinia Blog

Experiences that might inspire you to come to Sardinia and live it like a local. The photos play a major role, afterall one picture is worth a 1000 words. 

Tour Sardinia

is Robin van Teunenbroek, a certified tourist guide and nature guide in Sardinia. He has been living from 2000 in Sardinia, and is always looking for places and activities that he doesn't know yet. He likes sharing the best discoveries. Robin is also a hobby olive farmer, likes to wave around his digital camera and makes an attempt to make this website. Tour Sardinia has an excellent local network and works together with several other local guides, tour operators, local producers and transporters.