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Walking to Cala Goloritze round-hike

Tags: Cala Goloritze, Hiking, Golfo di Orosei


Excursion Categories: Walking

Region: Barbagia, Ogliastra, Supramonte

Due to the fact that Goloritzè has become extremely popular we have discontinued this walk in the main season.

Many people do this walk independently every day going up and down the same track. In september 2015 the track to Cala Goloritze has been wiped out by the heavy rain which makes the usual waling track very uncomfortable, we recommend the use of sticks.

Goloritzè is one of the most beautiful beaches of Sardinia; white sand and emarld coloured water. Cala Goloritze is on the protected steep coast line of the Golfo di Orosei and can only be reached on foot or by small boat, and even then you'll have to swim the last bit.

Our round walk which is not so easy to find on your own, involves going up the the panoramic point above Goloritzè, passing by different shepherds huts. From high up on the mountain you can enjoy the lovely views over the mediterranean. 

We pass by the old shepherds hut of Monticlu and Punta Salinas, from where you have unique views over the Golfo di Orosei. After a short stop there the descent begins and an hour later we're on the beach. The emerald coloured water makes a sharp contrast against the green shrubs and white sand.

Only on request or as part of a multiple day tour.